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You can shorten up to 3 URLs per day without any cost.

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The interface is intuitive and lets you shorten your URLs instantly without wasting time to create an account.

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Links generated with xplore.me have a high Click-Through Rate (i.e., the likelihood to be clicked), as they invite your customers/followers to "explore their content".

You can share them on social media platforms (like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and X) to increase the effectiveness of your campaigns, sponsorships or affiliations.

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This website uses cryptography in order to safely transfer your data over the Internet and reduce unwanted accesses to your private URLs.

Moreover the reliability and speed of our servers ensure that your shortened URLs will work 99,9% of the time and redirect in the blink of an eye.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is an URL?

The term URL, colloquially known as link, stands for Uniform Resource Locator and is a string mainly used to locate a page on a website.

Essentially, it is composed by three parts: a protocol or scheme (often http:// or https://), a hostname (e.g., www.example.com) and a path to the directory/file to access (e.g., /path/to/file.html).

In the example above, the complete URL string would be "http(s)://www.example.com/path/to/file.html".

What is an URL shortener?

An URL shortener, or link shortener, is an online service that allows you to replace a long URL with a small one.
When an user clicks the shortened URL it will be redirected to the original long version.

Why use an URL shortener?

Because short URLs are easy to remember and looks more professional than their longer counterpart.
Moreover certain browsers and websites impose limits on the length of the URLs you can search or share.